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Sound Reinforcement West, established in 1982, has been serving the Southern California's system integration needs for 35 years. We offer a full range of low voltage professional services including A/V systems, CCTV surveillance systems, access control, and digital signage.

We strive to offer the latest technologies in the markets we serve using modern equipment and products to ensure that your system will retain value for many years. Our team specializes in various installations from small businesses to full scale hotel campuses.

Audio/ Video

We offer high-quality commercial audio/video products from brands such as QSC, Bose, TOA, Niles, Vanco, and many others. We install distributed audio in 70V or stereo.

In the field of video, we install satellite TV systems, video walls, flat screen placement and digital signage.

Surveillance Systems

We offer the latest products in CCTV security in what we consider to be the best options: IP & TVI. These technologies represent the best of the market with IP cameras up to 12MP and TVI up to 5MP. We can create a video surveillance system of extreme high-quality using either Cat5e/6 or coaxial cable. This allows more flexibility on how the project should be approached creating a small or a large-scale installation.

IP-based security systems have quickly become the industry standard for new installations with high resolution cameras, a superior cabling system, and larger video recorders. IP cameras come in various resolutions with 3MP, 4MP, and 8MP being the most popular.

4MP cameras offer an excellent balance of high resolution (2688x 1520p ), low light performance, wide angle video coverage and price. These cameras are the staple of modem CCTV systems.

The 8MP 4K UHD cameras have now come to the market coupled with a new type of video compression called H.265. This new system significantly reduces the hard drive space required for recording. 8MP cameras offer the same benefits as the 4MP version but with 4K resolution (3840x2160p ).

IP systems are wired using Cat5e or Cat6 cable through POE ethemet network equipment. This type of equipment allows both the video and power signals to run over a single cable eliminating cable clutter.

Other benefits include the ability of wireless transmission and sending multiple camera signals over a single cable.

NVR's (Network Video Recorders) are used to record IP cameras and are offered in many varied sizes and configurations from 4 to 64 channels. NVR's can be stacked to record even more channels making IP systems excellent for large scale installations.

TVI-based security systems are sometimes referred to as HD-over-coax systems. These systems are installed using a siamese coaxial cable and the cameras are available in 2MP, 3MP, and 5MP. The main benefit of these systems is HD recording at a very reasonable price.

2MP TVI systems are typically used to replace existing analog systems. They offer HD recording and can be installed using the existing cable.

The 3MP & 5MP TVI systems provide excellent recording quality and can be an excellent choice for smaller scale systems with up to 16 channels of video recording.

DVR's (Digital Video Recorders) are used to record TVI cameras. We offer a versatile unit that can also work with AHD and analog cameras making this an excellent choice for customers looking to replace a portion of their security system. The recorders are usually sold in 4, 8, or 16 channel configurations and the systems can be stacked to support more cameras.